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Covid and Clarity of Purpose

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We live in crazy times. You do not really need me to tell you....

There is a lot of uncertainty with the pandemic, something totally unprecedented and totally unprepared to deal with. As everything else has come into a screeching halt, we have also have been given an opportunity to re-evaluate who we are, our values and priorities and why we do what we we do.

We have always prided ourselves by having a strong set of core values -- one that prioritizes communities, relationships and sustainability.

The time for buying stuff for the sake of accumulating things is over. Among all things, it's back to the basics -- what is truly valuable, durable and lasting.

If I were to be truly honest with myself -- I am spoiled. It's easy to go out and buy cheap, disposable junk and use things out of pure convenience. Now, because of COVID19, I have had a good chance to rethink about why I buy what I buy... The big difference is now I am looking for only the things that I need. I want quality products and focus only on things that are properly made. I now care about where the products are sourced and how they are truly impacting communities.

So, just like everyone else, we have had to adjust and make incredibly hard decisions. We have decided to go against the grain -- and launch our very own bamboo face masks sourced responsibly and sustainably from Costa Rica. It's a small country of only 5 million people, but Costa Rica is one of the leaders in sustainability. More importantly, every bamboo face mask that you purchase truly helps improves the lives of people in that community. Not a big box corporation. Nothing against big corporations, but we want to make an impact to those who are in need.

Secondly, we have pledged to help provide masks to those who are in need in the United States. We live in unprecedented times and this is an opportunity for us to give back to our local communities

I do hope that after all this Covid19 pandemic -- we are all better human beings. If there is something that Covid19 taught us -- we #HealAsOne.

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